Friday, February 7, 2014


I love the details that are in this composition. I tried to make the pillows look fluffy and comfy, like the artist had just gotten out of bed.

The chair makes me feel at home, just like you want to sit and talk for a while.

I named this Van Gogh project, "Red Plaid" because of I how I painted his blanket. I love plaid and thought it would be a nice addition to the composition. In the original painting, the blanket is solid red. I think Vincent would have liked the plaid!
I recently taught at the event, "Quilting in the Desert" in AZ. It was a great time! I was the Keynote speaker and this quilt made its public debut. Some of the other teachers, as well as the audience, were impressed with the piece and suggested I show it in some of the bigger shows in the country, like AQS and Houston. This was a great affirmation to me as an artist and I appreciated the encouragement.
Continuing my series, "Re-making the Masters", I will definitely re-create another Van Gogh painting.

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