Sunday, February 16, 2014

Batik Patterns - Day1

"Topsy Turvy" 

"Topsy Turvy" is based on the traditional log cabin. Using different 3 strip widths to create the blocks, they are then cut diagonally, and turned modern! This technique creates a great border for theme fabrics. The best part of all is that creating art means not having to match seams! A fast project for all levels of quilting expertise. Contact for the pattern. 

"Pixel Pretty"

I had fun using fabric that is rich with color and pattern to add excitement to a postcard batik panel. The pixelation technique in my pattern (contact me for the pattern) is a simple method of cutting strips of varying widths, cross-cutting the strip sets, and sewing them back together. Again, the best thing is no matching of seams!

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