Thursday, January 23, 2014

Creating a painted collage quilt - Day 5

The more I looked at the composition, the figures appeared to be walking down a road. I wanted to create a great depth of feeling of the figures walking across a desert to the mountains in the batik panel. To capture this, I envisioned a path that I plan to paint into the piece later.

I noticed two more things that needed to happen in the composition. There was a gap in the lower right hand corner and, secondly, the focal batik panel needed to be integrated into the background fabric because I didn't want it to look like a square was plopped onto the piece.

To fill the gap in the composition, I went to my accent fabrics that I had previously draped on the design wall and chose an African radial design. I cut it out and pinned it in the gap. It worked!

Next I trimmed off two inch strips from the batik panel and cut them into two inch blocks. When I placed the small blocks around the panel on the background fabric, they tied the panel colors to the background fabric.

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