Monday, January 20, 2014

Creating a painted collage quilt - Day 2

I draped everything onto my design wall. I placed the batik panel in the center and the painted canvas below it. I placed all the fabric around the two inspirational pieces. When I viewed the collection on the wall, I immediately saw some fabric that did not belong in the quilt. I removed it from the design wall, although I kept it close by in case it needs to be reintroduced. I'm finally on my way to creating a working composition.


  1. I like your colors, Susan. I'm a beginner quilter who would like to add some artistic features to my quilting. How do I know which fabric to remove/set aside during the auditioning step?

  2. Follow your first impression, pull the first fabrics that do not please your eye. Then you add to your choice color, a light, medium and dark. Once those are chosen you can add a complimentary or contrasting color, as a beginner you want to keep your pallet simple.