Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hill-Stead Museum Portrait: A whole cloth quilt - Day1

My latest project is a portrait of a mansion, the Hill-Stead Museum. The mansion houses masterpieces by Edgar Degas and Claude Monet, along with notable works by Mary Cassatt, Edouard Manet, James Whistler, and others, make the collection at Hill-Stead one of the most significant in the United States. To see the magnificent collection of art, sculpture, furnishings, gardens, and more, visit
I am excited to be working on a piece with architectural detail. It was interesting to splice together two different photographs taken in two seasons to create a cohesive piece. My challenge is to portray the expansiveness of the mansion while capturing the incredible details at the same time.
This will be a whole cloth piece and will include stitching, paint, and embellishments to make the artwork come alive. (Read note in right margin for definition of “whole cloth quilts”.)

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